15 April 2012

ya like tuna? read on..

I get it. Tuna is one of those foods ya either love or hate. There's no real in-between. Well, my one of my new roomies at work (I call them roomies because we are all all up in each other's business -- and not voluntarily..) mentioned tuna salad several times last week. I thought he was being silly but, no, he meant he was eating tuna salad. So of course, I had to inform him that he hadn't experienced a good tuna salad until he tried mine. Which lead to him and his nearest neighbor replying that if I'd bring it, they'd try it. 

My tuna salad isn't like any other I've ever had. I "created" it one day from necessity -- I used what I had in the cupboards. My mission this afternoon was to round up everything (four items, ahem..) to make the salad. 

Special Note:
-There is no real recipe, it is completely based off what is available and what your taste buds dictate. Also, I don't add mayo since the relish gives plenty of juiciness. And, I have a friend (Miss ABC - you know who you are!) who doesn't like mayo so I leave it out on that principle as well.

Raw Materials:
-Eggs (I used four tonight, when it's just for me, I use two.)
-Tuna (Thanks Mom & Daddy for giving me several cans! I used three of the Star Kist Chunk Light 5 oz.; for just me, I would have only used one.)
-Relish (This IS the BEST part! I use Wickles brand Hoagie & Sub Relish. I found it at Winn-Dixie today and have previously found it at Piggly Wiggly. It is the most expensive ingredient; ~ $5 / jar, but so worth it. I used probably 1/3 of the jar tonight.) 
** Wickles (Sims Foods Inc.) is an ALABAMA company. Support them!
-Cheese (I use Sharp Cheddar Cheese.)

The process:
Start by boiling the eggs. Via Pinterest I found a pin titled " How To Boil an Egg the Right Way" that linked to a blog called "It's Fitting" with a post on instructions for boiling an egg. (Rocked my world.) Instead of dumping everything in at once, I put in a can of tuna, 2 eggs, a light covering of cheese, and then relish to-taste. I then did another layer the same way. I like organization so layers are definitely my friend -- it may not matter to you. I did a taste test and this batch tastes pretty good to me! 

The result:
I can't wait to see what the guinea pigs taste-testers at work think! I hope they like food with a kick! ;-)

-get loh

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