02 June 2012

New Roomie = Motivation to Clean

I live in a two bedroom, two bath duplex. It is a great size for me. (Who wants to clean a big house?!?) Once upon a time, my brother lived with me but moved out last year. His (somewhat) empty room gave me room to store my junk. These are fairly calm pictures below. I thought I had pictures of when it was really ridiculous but I can't find them. Anyway, I have a roommate coming in for a couple of months (she is taking summer classes). I knew she wouldn't bring a bed or really anything but clothes and books, so this became my chance to make the room into somewhat of a guest room. I am a hoarder (yes, it's true. Cleaning out is an Olympic event.) so I had almost everything I needed to decorate the room. I bought the fishy-es last night and had to order the futon. New drawer pulls for the dresser were necessary since my brother had some very country boy/camo-esque pulls on there. (Also, when you rent with me, you get fitness perks- trampoline, jump rope, roller thingy, and shake weight! Ha.) I hope I've left her enough room to bring in her stuff, but we won't know until Monday!

The Before:

And, I am just so tickled that this has been transformed (in my eyes, anyway!)..... The After:


-get loh


  1. I did not know you blogged until I saw your link on facebook last night!!!! Glad I found it...and the room looks great. My house next? ;)

  2. Ha! ;-) This one took me approximately 7 months!


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