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Of everything that I can organize, it is hard, I am learning, to organize your own wedding! You want everything to be a reflection of the 2 of you as you start your journey. Isn't it funny how everyone else has plans and thoughts for you that sometimes make you wonder if they even know you. 

Anyway, I have a Erin Condren Life Planner that is being put to really good use and I have some task lists of wedding stuff (dress / food / various decor / communication / etc). I REFUSE to let the wedding planning overtake my life so much I don't enjoy the process. I'd rather focus on the days after the wedding when the two of us begin the 'iron sharpens iron' relationship known as a Godly marriage. Even as I haven't let it become my only waking thought for the past few months, I'd say we have reached the turning point! I don't remember what I've told anyone about details, I live by myself, and I like to think things through by myself and then discuss it so those factors ensure that no one other than me really has a good understanding of how this big day will look. Happy is the main goal, right?:) The big things are taken care of. (I THINK!)........

venue, yes!
date, October 11th 2014

my gown, bought and having some work done;) 
bridesmaids & groomsmen, they all know what to wear
honeymoon, booked and WE CAN'T WAIT! 

photographer, J. H. Lewis Design & Photography
videographer, yes!

registered at, Target & Sears & Royal Caribbean Honeymoon

hair & make-up, mostly taken care of, but I have to follow-up with a couple of ladies

engagement pictures, still need to do these! 
decorations, still in progress
food, still in progress
cake, cakes are taken care of, still need cake plates/stands
invitations, printed- addressing is in progress
programs, need to do
timeline for day of, kinda-planned-in-my-head, still need to do

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