13 February 2014

Thrifty Thursday

A random trip to the thrift store, just because I was feeling a lack of "new" old stuff turned up some great, fun finds. This thrift store can be hit or miss so I was extra pumped about some of these beauties! 
E thought this was fabulous and a great steal. After buying new batteries for it, we know why it was in the thrift store. It doesn't work. :(

A HUGE binder for my new couponing endeavor. Great condition for 50 cents. 

A Currier & Ives tin tray. There are four of these in a series. I will put this in the booth and maybe someone who loves winter will find it!

Well, my dust pan that stays in the garage broke. Hip hip hooray for a new one that's only fifty cents!

E picked this out. I think he will use it for working on his car. I'm not sure how much it was (less than a dollar, I'm sure) but he seemed pretty glad to find it.

Gift for a friend. If you see this and remember a text from the other night about something I picked up for you.... Here it is! :-)

GHSware Made in USA

I love these cups! Great condition. 

What a fun lime green! This is a dessert plate and lugged soup bowl, Melmac Color Flyte.

Melmac Color Flyte by Branchell {lime green}

I am SO excited about these! And they are in fabulous condition. The gold rim has flaked in just a few places but not enough to be a big impact.

Jewel Collection, Hi-Snack plates. Hello gorgeous! (I am upset that there were only three; I wasn't aware until I started researching that there was a coral color with the set. These three were taped together so I assume the coral never made it to the store. That's what I am going to tell myself.)

I gotta know - where these really used?! How awesome were parties when you could put your cup IN your plate so you only had to use one hand to eat and drink. I really don't think I can sell these, especially when I found them for a dollar. Happy, happy day!

So, I think I got a picture of everything. It was all ten dollars. And what's a monetary value really mean when you find such cool dinner pieces! I have always been a fan of the 50's and as I get out in the cast-off world I am drawn to that style even more.

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  1. I love finding stuff I need while thrifting! I had one of those glass scales (purchased new at a regular store) and it died within a year too. Maybe they just aren't that durable.

  2. My fiance was determined to make it work (and he can take apart anything and 99% of the time-make it work again), but that scale was a total bust! So sad...


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