28 February 2014

Mardi Gras & Hallway Art

I said I wasn't going to worry about decorating for Mardi Gras. On a gorgeous sunny day, I convinced myself otherwise. Granted, my decorating isn't a grand scheme, ha! It's nice to be festive. The sunny part was important because I swapped out my garden flag from Valentine's Day to Mardi Gras. ;-)

The chevron Welcome sign is still fabulously serving its purpose and I am still loving my foyer. :)

This mask is from my freshman year at college when I was in French Club and we had a Mardi Gras night. Fun times!

Goodies from NOLA & Mobile. 

New foyer decor - I found this beauty in a flea mall sometime last year. And, while it stays here "full-time" it's very fitting for Mardi Gras!  

Fun, original pieces of art from a local artist. 

Small oil painting by Grace Blaco. I found it at a local estate sale last weekend for 3 dollars. (heyhey!) The card on the back says, '"Make every occasion a pleasant memory" with Gifts By Grace / Grace Blaco Belton, MO R 2 / 331-6513 / Oil Paintings Driftwood.' ((Swoon!))

Ok, here's a shot of some of my sweet treasures as they are now, such as my Stephen Hudson watercolor print.

This oil painting is a nice compliment to my Merle Norman Lucite makeup box...... That I found at a yard sale for ONE dollar. I didn't realize what it was when I bought it; I just knew I liked it and I really thought a dollar was a stretch! Luckily a Google search later convinced me that I got a steal. ;) 

A couple of my personal paintings. Certainly nothing special but both were done at those painting parties with friends! 

I am in a blue phase it appears. The blue painting on the left is the same guy from my two white paintings in the foyer. (More info to come once I remember his name...) The print on the right is by a Birmingham artist.

I have a couple more spots that I "need" more art to cover. Back to the hunt!

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