29 September 2013

A Different Caliber

The World's Longest Yardsale in August that stretches from Ohio to Alabama has become dignified. HGTV covers the event and every picker in a 1000 mile radius shows up for the weekend. Well, dignified means prices are high, items are already clean, and shocker, items may have a pretty price sticker on them. Kinda like walking into an antique store or boutique. Wait - did those stores just move their inventory outside to the yard sale? Yes. Yes they did. // Deep breath.... Rant over.//

I am here to tell you that HGTV is NOT covering the Hwy 46 yard sale that runs from Heflin Alabama to the Georgia line. Oh, happy day. :-) Here are my finds from it, as well as from an estate sale in beautiful Anniston Alabama.

The majority of my finds. My total was $27. This represents $15.

File holder and 3 packs of tab dividers. The estate sale had a section for "stuff a bag for $3" and these were it in. I will need them for my new business. :-))

Made in USA!

Also in $3 bag. E loves stock market books and I can't pass up good ribbon!

Acrylic / Lucite napkin holder and 2 pieces that I'm not sure what they are. $3 bag, yo! 

Now on to the yard sale finds. This sweet bathroom set was FREE. 

Cherubs and roses! 

Great teal bracelet. $1. 

25 cents. A china tea cup plate, made in Japan. 

The marking of plate.

Gorgeous tea cup! Now I will be on a mission to find the matching saucer.

Oh, and it was a quarter too!

Ok, this beaut cost me $3. Probably overpaid but I am drawn to these. This is Lusterware. 

It's all about the markings. ;-)

What a cute couple. And hard to beat for fifty cents! 

Made in Taiwan. 

I <3 tin platters and plates. These are so cute! And both still have the original price sticker even though you can't see the price. They were bough at May's Hardware. 

Brand NEW gold and black shades. Eight -- the perfect number for my 90's chandelier. I previously bought 8 white ones and planned to do a revamp BUT when I saw these beauties I knew they were what I really wanted. And for $2?!?! Yeahhhhh!

Found at the estate sale. Marked $10, got it for $5. 

Signed and numbered. Love it even more! 

My chandelier "before". 

And "after" with the new shades. Every time I walk in the kitchen I start skipping because I love the improvement so much! 

Okay, so I have a tendency to buy pieces and parts of anything, including lamps. So I have ended up with several lamp bases that need shades! I found this one and the lady ratted herself out by showing me an imperfection but she swore it can be fixed. (We shall see. Even if it's not fixable, I can work with it.) Anyway, she asked $3. I countered with $2. And she accepted. :-)

Walking to the car I noticed this symbol on the shade - Restoration Hardware. Sch-weet! 

When I bought this picture, I didn't have anywhere in mind for it. As soon I got home though I knew I found it's spot - in the hallway! 

Looking towards the front of the house with the new picture.

Whew! Not bad for less than thirty bucks! Oh - and $10 of that was for a table that is now acting as a recliner table. Pictures and post soon. I am still debating whether to leave as is or paint it. 

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