20 September 2013

Blood Sweat & Tears && Bo Bice

A friend (A) and I went to a Blood, Sweat, and Tears & Bo Bice concert and had a GREAT time! It was both of our first times to the venue, Oxford Performing Arts Center and we were impressed by it. We both thought the 2 artists would be performing separately - but, delightfully, they performed together! I wasn't really familiar with either artist but I do love a good show. ;-)

We felt like we were crashing a 1975 class reunion and were definitely in the age minority. We sat in the back because we didn't have reserved seats but were entertained by guests as much as we were the stage. 

There wasn't much dancing ..........

Until, the last few songs and then everyone got peppy!

So, A is notorious for spotting and meeting famous people and I told her I wanted to see her in action! Thankfully, she didn't let me down. ;-) After waiting around (ahem.. clears throat!) we found ourselves back in the auditorium waiting on BST or Bo. BST came out and walked toward the front of the Center and A & I joked that we would just walk them out. BST heard us and said "noooo, we will walk y'all out!" so we walked out of the auditorium hooked arm in arm with one of the members of BST to the adoring fans! Walking out from the other door was Bo... and he had a police escort. The BST guys were definitely luckier than Bo! ;-) We had a set list and were trying to get it signed by all the guys. Since we don't really know them.... We aren't sure if all of them signed it or not. ;-) When we were in line to meet Bo, we remembered our tickets and that he could sign them. We were so excited! 

That's Bo's mom behind him, in the blue. 

What's up Bo!

And remember, if anyone asks, "We work here!"


  1. LOVE IT! Yeah, we definitely work there. And those guys were so lucky to walk out arm & arm with us cool chicks!


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