29 December 2013

2013 Bucket list - DONE! (&then some)

I am learning that if you write a goal down, it becomes a plan. Not just a pipe dream anymore... There are milestones and hurdles on the way to the dream and they are called preparation and set-backs. Fall down 6, get back up 7, right?! Anyway, I started 2013 off with (at least) 3 goals. I am fairly confident that I wrote these down.... But I can't seem to find them. *ehh* However, they were so significant to me that I was not able to forget them! AND GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!! I "did" all 3!!!! (And then some. 2013 was a big year folks.)

((Sidenote. Don't be hatin' if these don't look like your dreams. K, thx.))

#1...... Be in a play, again. Not only was I in a play (a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater show, to be exact), I was in TWO! How exciting. :) Being a part of a production requires self-discipline and greatly encourages teamwork. You must personally learn your lines and cues and get yourself to practice on time. You also must get yourself in character! Are you a detective? How do detective's stereo-typically look? Find that look and create it. You must rely on and will inevitably encourage your cohorts as their ability to remember their lines and cues always leads you to your own. 
I was in a high school production and had an absolute blast. Shout out to the crew, director, and stage hands of "The Hillbilly Wedding!" I also have been in church productions since I was wee little. But in the past six or seven years, I had not been in a show. When I tried out for the first Murder Mystery, the writer / director had no clue how I would work out. I am thankful for his support and encouragement!
From the second play I was in... "Dyed Blonde"

The cast of the first play "Murder By The Book"... Acting silly - or is this normal?!

The murder just happened! Who-dun-it!?

First act, first scene.

#2....... Do a 5K. Now, when I first dreamed this up, I did not understand what a 5K was. I just knew it was "the" thing to do and I was fairly confident running was one of those healthy habits that everyone is encouraged to try. Oh yeah. And I had ran enough in high school to convince me I wasn't good at it/couldn't do it. (Side stitches, anyone?!) Luckily, high school was before the age of information overload aka google. I was encouraged to join "Rookie Runners," an effort of the Anniston Runner's Club by a friend and I had several friends to agree to start the program with me. So, RR started in January. I did NOT do a good job of pacing myself for the first few days. I was full force running and boy was it uncool. Did I mention it was COLD and DARK all these times I was running?! I googled ways to best run for rookies and learned how to better pace myself. In February I started noticing my heart would race at random times during the day. Finally in March I went to a local doctor. At the first visit, they said to stop running and see if that helped (it did not). Nothing popped up on the initial tests but I went on to a cardiologist in Birmingham. This doctor said palpitations are actually quite normal and unless they interfered with my life, they should be relatively under control. And, I was clear to run again. By this time, I had missed the finish of the Rookie Runners. I DID do a 5K, but I walked the whole event. 47 minutes to do 3.1 miles isn't too bad though! After that, I participated in 3 more 5K's and ran in spurts. My training was lacking and not consistent enough that I could run a full event. I did get in less than 15 minutes/mile for a couple events and that was my goal by this point. {2014 will include a plan to RUN a 5K!}
Whirlwind of Color (this was a walking event for us but still fun!)

Haley's Twilight Run

Glow Dash for T-Nash - Cocky Lovin'

Glow Dash for T-Nash!

#3.......Give blood. Whew. I have an exceptionally queasy stomach and do not do well with doctors offices or hospitals. After seeing what some kids (and adults) have to go through to endure treatments, I was inspired to consider giving blood.  Every time I saw an email announcement that a blood drive was coming up at work, I would think, "yeah! I'll do this one!" andddddd every time, I would chicken out. Except for the November blood drive. E talked about doing it too and had prepped himself to do this one. He then convinced me I could do it. So, off we go. We had to wait like 30-45 minutes before we could even get in a booth to have vitals taken. I was first and had a very nice man taking care of me. He stepped away, and I thought I heard him come back in the booth, but it was E! He had a low grade fever and they wouldn't let him give blood. Sooo. He had to hang out while I continued on. When I was on the gurney/bed, I told the guy about 5 times, "this is my first time." HA! Well, he stuck me and yes, I felt the sting. Then I started to get hot. I asked him to push up my sweater sleeves and he noticed I was pale so he brought me apple juice and made me lay down. I started to feel better and when I was done, well..... I unfortunately didn't actually feel better. Over the course of the hour or so that I was in there, I nearly blacked out 3 times. Ekkk! Thank goodness E was there with me! He kept saying, "You just saved 3 lives!" ;-) It was a nice feeling knowing that I WAS able to give blood (& check something off my bucket list!).

E snapped this while he was waiting for me. If you look closely you can easily see the look of terror. "What HAVE I gotten myself into?!?!"
&THEN SOME......

got engaged...... (here's the scoop!)
the proposal

the excitement!

started my own business, "The Oakley Office"...... (click here for the work-in-progress site!)

 "got" an antique booth with my parents...... 

from our first week in business

another corner of goodies

did some dirty work (& hard work & fun work!) with JLAC.... 
working at WES

with fellow members of the Board & guest speaker Vicki

fun times at the tacky sweater party!

several gals working hard ;)

was furloughed and managed to survive..... 
day trip to Sequoyah Caverns thanks to a furlough day

inside the caverns

had a fun day drip with my folks & E....

Rock City

got a sweet and entertaining cat....


sweetly sitting with me in the recliner


welcomed new babies to the world.....


gave E a drive in a Ferrari......
looking good!

E learned to ski......
waiting for the ski lift

at the "top" and ready to ski down!
paid OFF student loans!!!......

met the Blood Sweat & Tears guys and Bo Bice (here's the story!)......

saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra (For several years I've wanted to go to their show & finally made it this year. E says we will definitely go back next year! Will do blogpost soon).....

Okay, now that I think about it..... the "&THEN SOME" list could go on and on! 2013 was a wonderful year. :-)

My God is good. My hope is in Him.

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NOW is the time to plan for 2014!


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