15 October 2013

Pikes Peak Proposal

I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet short. If it's too sweet, it'll take me forever to write because I will go on and on and on. :-) Anyway, E & I were scheduled to visit his grandparents with his mom during October. He had mentioned he wanted to go up to Pikes Peak which I was expecting because we missed it two years ago when we visited. The mountain already had snow on it and that's was my main excuse for suggesting the cograil, versus the road (the winding curves would have negatively influenced me too). Reservations were suggested for the Cog Railway and we started discussing this on Sunday night after we arrived. Next thing I know, E is making reservations for Tuesday. Tuesday morning rolls around and I am loudly debating wearing my bight green ski jacket against my lighter-weight nice jacket. Grandy & Grandpa reminded me that it was freezing on top of the mountain so I went with the ski coat. Eli tried to suggest layering so I could wear my nicer jacket. (This should have been a clue... Usually he says I look nice and not to worry!) Anyway, our train ride was scheduled for 9 am and we knew it would take an hour & a half to make it the 8 miles to the top. 

View on the way to the top. Love the trees!

Our conductor kindly told us that it was NINE DEGREES at the top of the mountain! Oh, and SNOWING!

(Another clue..) Eli asked a random lady to take our picture. He tried to ask his mom but she was already almost in the store and didn't hear him. After a couple of pictures, he started digging in his pocket and I thought he was pulling out his new phone so I was waving him off and telling the random lady it was okay he could use my pictures, HA! 

Andddddddddddddd, next thing I know, he's on one knee!

And I'm crying, and my tears are freezing on my face, and I'm probably shaking!

I'm fairly certain I said "Yes" right before this picture!

And, now I'm scoping out the ring! ;-) It's gorgeous!


Anddddd... In shock!

Our chariot awaits!

Did this just happen?!! :)



  1. So sweet! Love y'all! ����

  2. and we love you:)
    I worked on our Colorado book today.. Good times, good times!


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