13 November 2013

From Wallflower to Christmas decor

If you like "smell good" stuff - you are probably familiar with Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. I love them! I noticed though, that they were shaped like Christmas lightbulbs (ya know, the old ones!) and so I stared at them until I had an idea (yes, it happens - can you relate?!). One of the easiest crafts is to glitterize glass and these would be perfect for a lil sparkle!

My collection. Every time for the past year that I swapped out Wallflowers I popped out the diffuser stick, rinsed them out, and stored them until now. 


This is the key to the glitter palooza. Squirt enough into the Wallflowers to completely coat the inside and put the leftover back into the bottle. DO NOT LEAVE LIQUID IN THE WALLFLOWER!

I had a lot of glitter to choose from!:)

And, I decided to go with a pink & red color scheme. 

Use a piece of scrap paper to make a funnel to get in the glitter. Swirl it around until the whole inside is covered in glitter. Like the liquid, put any excess back in the original container. 

And, a few pieces of the nearly finished product. To make them look like bulbs, I covered the top with aluminum foil. ;-)

I couldn't wait to show them off..... So, yes, I have a Manhattan depression glass bowl full of homemade Christmas light bulbs!

This was a very quick project (save the whole remembering to recycle each Wallflower over the course of the past year). I'd say I was finished in under an hour, and I definitely recommend being at a sink because if you get the floor wax on your hands, it starts hardening quickly. But it's a fun project - try it on ornaments or glass bottles!

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