30 March 2012

St. Pat's 2012

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Epic Fail ........

I was at McDonald's in the two-lane drive-thru earlier tonight getting sweet tea. Luckily I saw the orange cones and CLOSED sign on the second lane.

 However ..

     This lady (on the right) was pretty perplexed as to why she's not getting served.....


-get loh

28 March 2012

Dirty Teeth?! Here's the New Fluoride!

Let me introduce you to what is possibly my favorite jewelry holder. I stumbled across "it" at one of my local thrift stores. There was a $2 price sticker on it.. Prices are outrageous these days at thrift stores. Good thing I think I have recognized a ROI. ;)

Check out ... the $2 Toothbrush Holder ....

Ahh, those tiny holes offer such potential to hold the clasp earrings that can be such trouble for storage.

Now, presenting........ the classiest earring/ring holder known to teeth!! 

Whatcha think?? Would this work for you?? ;)

-get loh

26 March 2012

Fishin' for Fashion

I am constantly looking for a way to store bracelets. Once upon a time, I could live without bracelets.. Now, I have a slight obsession. They are hard to store and have in sight. I like to see my jewelry since I believe you can't wear what you don't remember you have! ;-) "out of sight, out of mind....."

Here's my newest idea for bracelet storage.

Keep 'em in a special place .. as you do your lures!!

"The Tackle Box Tak" 

 I grabbed an inexpensive box (about $5). I made sure it had large enough rows for bangles.

And all ya gotta do is throw in that ever growing collection of bracelets!

(I am especially proud of this since my previous attempt at bracelet storage epically failed .. I tried to stack them on a water bottle. Ha! Lesson learned: It's okay to have failures.)

-get loh

what does the blog description mean??

The blog description:
And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.
-Luke 2:52

My take:
We see very little in scripture about Jesus' years between age 12 and 32. This verse is one of the most descriptive and it rocks my world. For 20 years, Jesus pushed himself mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. So, if we are to be Christ-like, this is our tasking as well! For me, this means always learning -- at work, in school-settings, from the older generation, from children -- any time I can open my mind, I try to learn. Physically, we should be "in-shape" (a body in motion can do & will do great things!) -- trust me, this isn't my favorite because it's hard for me, but I try. Socially, we can't please everyone, every time; but we can strive to be known as God-fearin' and men/women of God. Pursuing all three will inevitable lead to spiritual growth and spiritual growth can only lead to growth in all other areas of our lives!

Why was this chosen?
I like lists and defined goals. And this verse is a perfect list with perfect goals from a perfect God!!

-get loh

25 March 2012

About Me!

I serve a mighty and awesome God! I love to pinch pennies, ponder life, and piddle. My high's come from thrift store outfits, creative jewelry storage, travel, photo books, and some days - my love, family, and friends.

Pinching pennies certainly is an art form these days. My life pondering usually comes about the time I read an extraordinary book or profound article or maybe a glorious day sets my priorities straight. In the event, piddlin' isn't prevalent in your life.. check out this article by Rick Bragg: http://www.southernliving.com/community/rick-bragg-southern-journals-00417000077105/

I love scouring thrift stores for "nice" clothes or even nice "things" (artwork, dishes, random items for craft-time). With that said, I do believe in the power of a great dry-cleaner! I have a weakness for jewelry, so I am always, always, always trying to find new ways to store it (preferably where the eye can see it.. Out of sight, out of mind!). Traveling is a great passion of mine that leads to another passion - making photo books. I could arrange photos/text/graphics all.day.long.

Please feel free to bookmark my blog.. I believe you will find new, interesting, helpful information/ideas when you check in!! Let me know who you are and your thoughts.

-get loh