28 August 2013

Sequoyah Caverns

Driving to the Caverns. It is off the beaten path!
There is a beautiful peacock (and other critters) roaming the grounds.

You have ONE WEEKEND! This wonderful cave will be closed to the public after this weekend (Labor Day weekend). It is on private land and the family can't continue to keep it open. The man who owns the land is 80 and works at the cash register. Sweet man! 

10 August 2013

Yard Sale-ing

Eight months after moving in and saying, "I need to have a yard sale", I finally had one. Solely thanks to my neighbors already doing a sale and I was able to jump in with them! Three of us had a yard sale, and we had the street covered with buyers. ;-) 

Now, I didn't sell much. I did have a couple friends come over with their junk stuff and we had a great time hanging out!

Here are some shots from my first yard sale! 

No one took advantage of this. :-( 

No one bought drinks either. Alas.

This 1800's cotton picking basket (bushel size I think) is still for sale! 

This Vietnam era ammo box is still for sale!

This baby got gone the day of the sale. Holla. 

-get loh

Border Patrol

I bought a great house that was move-in ready. Well, actually.......... move-in ready included borders I could not stomach every time I looked at them. The two bathrooms had a rather manly border (it was the same.... but nothing else in the two bathrooms matched. What gives?

So, in my guest/spare/whatever-term-I-give-it-that-day bathroom, there was a somewhat tolerable wallpaper but then that horrible border. After much debate along the lines of take down the border, or take down all the wallpaper, or maybe even paint over the border. Painting over the border was the final decision since I did not know if the wallpaper went all the way to the ceiling or if I wanted to tackle taking down all of the wallpaper. 

The border with the paint tape on already.

I bought a white KILZ recently (summertime-ish) but I had picked up a couple of brown paint samples in the spring or possibly winter timeframe. Since they were samples and I only had two, the pressure was on to be sure the border was well KILZ'd so I could be conservative with the paint color.
KILZ, one coat

Finally! Adding color. 

I was in love after the first roll of brown!

Heyheyhey. Looking so much better!

The shower curtain is kinda hard to see but it was the inspiration for the color.

A quick shot of the transformation. Ahhhh:)

Showing off my new clock with the "border." The clock is another story (click here)!!

-get loh

09 August 2013

Border Patrol, #2

Now on to my bathroom. I didn't mind the navy to begin with, but ... again .... that border!

Here's my shower curtain. Yes, it's the same as in the guest bathroom. They sent two! Anyway, totally clash.

 I took down the actual border with laundry detergent and water. And a lot of elbow grease! 

I lucked up on a yellow/beige that matched my shower curtain so I bought several (4?) samples. I KILZ'd again to be sure all the dark navy was covered then slapped rolled on the fresh paint. Whoo. Hoo. Oh. Happy. Day. It all matches!

The transformation!

The shower curtain with the new, matching color.