07 August 2014

Southside Shower

July 13th, 2014

Me & the wonderful hostesses, members of Bill & Laura's Sunday School class

Mom, me & Laura

table

I thought Eli went to his parents house but as everyone came in, they mentioned seeing him and I was so confused. Come to find out, he was the door man and greeter! :-)

Lovely gifts! April & Aesha are helping record them and Holly is the photographer. What a great support team!

Barbara & Hazel telling me about part of their gift - They said we might have to be frugal once we were married and suggested we shop yard sales for good deals. Then they told me this recipe book retailed for $20 but they got it at a yard sale for TWO DOLLARS! Hahaha... It was great!

Mom & her friends

a future cousin (she also married into the family) & me

a few ladies of Eli's second family

Future cousin!

my rockin' bridesmaids

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