08 September 2013

Friday Estate/Garage/Yard Sales!

 This has the potential to be a longgggg post. Work with me here brain, let's make it short, sweet, and to the point! My mom and I and a family girl friend (from here on out know as "C") went on an adventure searching for estate sales a few towns over. We found the first one with minimal problem but when we started to the next town, the main highway between the two was under construction and we couldn't travel it so we had to take a detour (a fairly wide detour actually). It turned out to be just as well because we hit a couple extra garage/yard sales in the process! Here is the link to Estate Sale #2.... Stuck in the 70's, WOW! 

Okay! On to the finds................

This was my sole purchase from Estate Sale #1. These are painting edgers and replacements pads for paint. All for $1. Sweet! My mom and C found a few items here as well. 
This gem was at a garage sale that had bookoddles of stuff. I was just drawn to this tea pitcher because of it's lines and pretty off-white coloring. 
$2.50!?!? Sold. :-)
The inside - this is in decent condition. 
Shout out to all the "Made In USA" fans - This ones for you! The marking says, "Hall / Made in USA / 2517."
I am a sucker for wood frames.... You can use them for so many projects!
Especially when they are priced under a dollar. 

Ah, cards are always in high supply at these places. The art of handwritten notes is diminishing, but not if I have anything to do with it! Sweet cards were 50 cents.
What a find. :-) I declared this the find of the day. C and Mom weren't necessarily impressed, but I have always been intrigued by corner chairs and liked the look of them.... But not the price!
This is ollllllllllllld. It doesn't appear to have had any work done on it since it was built.
Okay, and how much did I pay? The guy asked $30, I suggested $20 and he took it. (happy dance!)
Ah, it has a chipped leg and needs to be reupholstered. I'm still in love.

Some links on corner chairs: 1, Country Living 2, Chippendale chair 3, corner chairs on eBay 
At Estate Sale #2, a red trashcan called my name.
And my quarter.
Cuuuuuute! I think I will put this in my bedroom. 
We were loving these prices!
The detail work.
No markings. 
USN Sweetheart hanky. I couldn't pass it up!
So sweet!
Very cool poster in pristine condition. 
Are these prices for real?! Yes, I'll take it for a dollar!
Bart Forbes. (Who?! Yeah I had to Google him too. He is pretty awesome!)
535 of 1000. It's always nice to have numbered art in your home. ;-)
Apparently this was part of a promotion by the Birmingham Trust National Bank and there are 4 posters in this series. It is to promote their International operations branch. Impressive approach. This information packet is also in pristine condition. 
What a cutie! This little guy will be great decor for winter. 
Paper plate holders are such a novelty to me. Fun, fun.
And at this price, I can share!

What a fun trip! We finished off with lunch at a local BBQ joint. Yum. So, for about thirty bucks I had enough thrills to last a few weeks as I decorate with these beauties, and for some - work on them!

-get loh


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