10 April 2012

Family Jewels

I love creating my outfits. 
When I have to work (which is ... every day, of course), I pick out my outfits - including the jewelry/shoes/etc.- the night before. (Hey - it's what I should be doing right now!) Some days I get a picture of the outfit, more often than not, I don't. One day recently I wore an outfit that generated several real-life comments. 

Here I am in a dressing room. 
(I got my hair-did that evening and my [hair] girl was showing off her purchases from earlier in the day so that put me in the mood and I had to go shopping.)
 In dissecting my outfit you'd find that the pants, top, and scarf all came from a new shop at The Shops at Grand River called Burlington Brands. The pants are Eddie Bauer, the top is Gap, and I don't know about the scarf. (But I love it -- the red and blue in it are perfect for Braves outfits.)

Yes, I'm well aware that red and orange don't normally "go together." But it worked (for that one day, anyway). 

Here are my earrings I wore:
They are actual made by a distant cousin/cousin's husband. They have a couple of jewelry brands. These earrings are Robert Elizondo. I wore them today with a completely different outfit and got several compliments on the earrings. (The outfit today was calm - navy pants, ivory top, navy bracelet, these earrings.)

The other brand is ECLISSI. I had a watch but it's MIA.  And, they may have more brands that I'm not aware of.. Did I mention this is a distant cousin. No matter how distant though, isn't it cool is it to be able to say "My cousin made it - and you can buy it from QVC" when someone compliments your jewelry?! Pretty neat, I think!

-get loh

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