04 April 2012

Sour Grapes & Rustoleum

This post will serve as two because I have a picture that spawns two stories. 

We are all addicted to Pinterest .. that's no secret. I have a love of sour junk food.. I can keep in reigned in most days, but sometimes the need to make a pucker-up face just gets the best of me. So when I ran across a pin and blog post for Glitter Grapes, I was beside myself. It promised to have the kick of Sour Patch Kids -but on grapes. I tried my own version (primarily because our Wal-Mart didn't have the Melon Fusion Jell-O that she bragged about using; I used Berry-- which is blue). While I was skeptical about this working since it was so easy, the end result was scrumptious. Hello sour punch grapes. Healthy? Of course. Sour? Why, yes! 

All ya' need:

-1 box of Jell-O (You get some flavor from this, so if you are picky, definitely pick a flavor you like. I didn't really notice the taste since I was so excited about the sour-awesomeness. The color of the mix will show, so if you are making this for a themed event, choose a coordinating color!)
-Well washed & still slightly damp grapes
-Good bowl for storing in the fridge (no need for a lid -- covering them once cold causes the mix to come off of the grapes)

All ya' gotta do:

-Have a plate of the mix and then roll the damp grapes in it. Store in fridge until cold.

I know you are noticing my oven covers. Herein lies story numero dos. 

While my brother was living with me, he cooked all the time. (He was a great cook, no lie.) Well, some days he would experience blonde moments. He turned a stove eye on and left the cover on while it was warming. Or maybe he turned on the wrong eye. Either way, it happened twice, two different eye covers where affected. I didn't buy new covers because I am too stingy to pay an arm and a leg for something I don't really need and because I don't like anyyyyyy of the designs on them. I think I did somersaults when I found the plain white ones. Fast forward several months/years/whatever-time-flies and my sweet boyfriend is wanting to know what I've done to mess up my eye covers. After I tell him, he informs me that high-temp spray paint exists and all we have to do is buy some white and he will paint over the ugly black scars on my stovetop. So, during one visit at Lowe's (his favorite store I think..) we buy a can of this famed spray paint. And lo'-and-behold, it works beautifully!

They look good as better than new! Every time I see them, I just get tickled. :-) Sweet, huh?!?

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