28 April 2012

EWomen! (Friday)

I was so blessed to attend the Extraordinary Women Conference this weekend. We experienced the typical conference emotions and we laughed, cried, and even danced. ;-) 

President Julie Clinton was with us for Friday evening but had to fly home Saturday for her son's prom. 

 The first performer was Joe White and he did a drama. He brought his "adopted" daughter Heather Headley (picture above). She has a wonderful voice; she has been on Broadway several times. During Joe's drama, he played a video of Dick & Rick Hoyt. Click on their name or here to see a similar video. His use of the story was to illustrate that God will "do" the same for us as the father in the video does for his son. I can't find the exact video he used, but what an awesome story!

The theme of this year's conference: Passionate FAITH !

The big act of Friday evening was Mercy Me, but first we saw Moriah Peters - a fabulous 19-year-old performer.. (She was so cute!)


Getting to meet "D.J. Tanner!"

Love my girlfriends!

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