09 April 2012

Hairy Solutions

I have a lot of barrettes and hair clips. 

As pointed out to me by a co-worker, I don't wear them that much, but do have them so I have a need to store them. But do I believe in storing wearables? No! That's a dirty word - let's display instead! I literally came up with this idea while looking at the ribbon I used. The ribbon was in the bathroom on a basket and for some reason it was bugging me so I took it off the basket. Then I realized it could easily hold a hair clip.. And then finally I remembered I had a piece or two of cork (started for another project but it belly-flopped). And frankly, I'm proud of this idea and it looks very nice in my bathroom and now I can see what I have to wear in my hair!

So, here's what happened:

Start with cork or other secure backing. I used a 12 x 12 cork. (They come in 4 packs from Wal-Mart.)
I wanted to add pizazz so I lined off with electrical tape (it was the best thing that I had to use - and it worked pretty well) to create a pattern for my two colors. My bathroom is black and white but I love extra accent colors so I kept the gold under the electrical tape.

 Ahh, I love the look of total chaos:

Peel off the tape after the paint has dried and then you see the result: 

Here I am experimenting with ways to glue on the ribbon:
(I thought I wanted to go crossed but pretty soon my OCD-ness kicked in and I had to keep the ribbon even with my painted lines.)

The ribbon was glued on with the best glue I had on-hand - Styrofoam glue. Once again, though it might not have been the best choice, it worked wonderfully.  I left a little slack while gluing the ribbon because I thought I'd need that for hooking the barrettes. But really, since the clips have a little weight to them, I could have kept the ribbon tight.

Here's the back: 
I left about an inch on each side to glue down to the cork.

The finished result! 

 This is also handy for storing broaches. 

 -get loh

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