08 April 2012

Necklace Holder

Because life is just *funner* when we use something designed for practicality instead for holding jewelry.. Here's idea #54987321:

This was built for housing those dainty finger-tip towels that stay in super-facncy bathrooms:

 This is how I used it for housing necklaces:

I found this one and a similar one at an Estate Sale here locally but I've seen them several places since then. (And I'm always tempted to buy more. If anyone wants one, let me know and I will pick up one for you!) When I search "finger tip towel holder" several results pop up, so I think that's the best verbiage. But if anyone has knowledge of better wording, please let me know!

Anddddddddddddddddddd, since I am a huge fan of multi-tasking, here's a special message about one of the necklaces. (Look at the one on the end on the left.)
 I bought it from a co-worker who was selling them for her church for a mission project. I don't have much information about it, but it was called Aggie's Art (I think) so if you click this link, you can get an idea of what it was for. I love a great testimony along with a great love for God!

-get loh

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