28 February 2014

Mardi Gras & Hallway Art

I said I wasn't going to worry about decorating for Mardi Gras. On a gorgeous sunny day, I convinced myself otherwise. Granted, my decorating isn't a grand scheme, ha! It's nice to be festive. The sunny part was important because I swapped out my garden flag from Valentine's Day to Mardi Gras. ;-)

The chevron Welcome sign is still fabulously serving its purpose and I am still loving my foyer. :)

This mask is from my freshman year at college when I was in French Club and we had a Mardi Gras night. Fun times!

Goodies from NOLA & Mobile. 

New foyer decor - I found this beauty in a flea mall sometime last year. And, while it stays here "full-time" it's very fitting for Mardi Gras!  

Fun, original pieces of art from a local artist. 

Small oil painting by Grace Blaco. I found it at a local estate sale last weekend for 3 dollars. (heyhey!) The card on the back says, '"Make every occasion a pleasant memory" with Gifts By Grace / Grace Blaco Belton, MO R 2 / 331-6513 / Oil Paintings Driftwood.' ((Swoon!))

Ok, here's a shot of some of my sweet treasures as they are now, such as my Stephen Hudson watercolor print.

This oil painting is a nice compliment to my Merle Norman Lucite makeup box...... That I found at a yard sale for ONE dollar. I didn't realize what it was when I bought it; I just knew I liked it and I really thought a dollar was a stretch! Luckily a Google search later convinced me that I got a steal. ;) 

A couple of my personal paintings. Certainly nothing special but both were done at those painting parties with friends! 

I am in a blue phase it appears. The blue painting on the left is the same guy from my two white paintings in the foyer. (More info to come once I remember his name...) The print on the right is by a Birmingham artist.

I have a couple more spots that I "need" more art to cover. Back to the hunt!

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15 February 2014

Ohhhh it's thrifty

Oh, ho, ho
It's thrifty, you know
Never believe it's not so
It's thrifty, you know
Never believe, it's not so

Yes, I am channeling THAT song, Oh Ho Ho It's Magic! Ok Pilot-ters, let's get to the good stuff. Stumbled across a rather epic estate sale today. A decent amount of goodies with even better prices. That's the best kind.... AmIright or amIright?!

Help! What is this?! A telephone table?? 

I LOVE the color and it's in very good condition. I can't wait to find the perfect spot for it in my home

This has to be a child's chair. Maybe it went with a table and chairs set? It was adorable and I couldn't leave it. There are silver specks in the seat fabric! I first thought the seat had been recovered but after further inspection, I think it is original. 

The material has flaked in a couple places and the metal isn't perfect but aside from the cosmetics, it is in good condition.

Well hello signed baseball! I am still in the middle of my mission to find out who these guys are. 

Some of the names are very faded. I have a feeling these players were from Jax State or from an opposing team; this house was less than half a mile from the JSU baseball field. 

How do you even start to identify  these players? I will be googling names the best I can but I'm not sure that's the best way!

If you are an "autumn" person, this should be extra beautiful to you! 

Crooksville China Co; 839; E84; Made In U.S.A {What does the overstamped E84 mean? Quality check?}
Beautiful sugar and creamer! I will put these in the booth because they aren't my kind of design, but I sure do think they are just beautiful.

Single plate with small chip, more like a flake on an edge. (Of course I didn't realize until I got home with it. Oh well, I love the flowers!)

Arc Arcopal France; probably a ten dollar plate. I will display it somewhere in my kitchen. 

I love tortoise shell print and I love Lucite! This was actually from a second estate sale and I paid a rather outrageous three dollars for it but I will put it to good use. It actually had several spools of thread and miscellaneous sewing things in it already. I see it goes for eighteen or so dollars online so that made me feel better about those three dollars!

Doesn't this set look great! Surprise, surprise - the coffee pot came from the first estate sale, and the sugar and creamer from the second! Two different towns and two different types of sales. I did a double take when I saw the sugar and creamer and especially when I saw the six dollar sticker. Ekkk! But, since I knew that I had the matching coffee pot - I felt it was a good buy. I haven't done any research on these. It's interesting that the creamer and sugar have red letter Japan on them. 

Coffee pot

Working, fabulous clock - in addition to a Lucite addiction, I have a slight clock addiction.

The Miracle Worker Regent Sheffield Carving Knife.
(Did anyone else immediately hear Fran screeching, "Mr. Sheffield!"?!)

Detail of knife

Why yes I will use scissors that are older than me!

Score! Can't wait to use this. {Rada, knife sharpener}

WIN Engraver, likely from the sixty's, based on make and model.

Glass casters. 

Painted flowers tray! Love these designs.
It may get to stay in my kitchen ;-)

Any insight on the chair? I am not a furniture expert.... I just am willing to take a good looking piece home for the right price! Would love to know a date for it.

PLEASE ignore the mess. This baby is in my garage until I get her fully cleaned up. So we had been pretty much through the whole house and the folks kept saying, "we will do great deals for ya, pick out whatever you like" but never really committed to HOW great. I spotted this chair, sat in it (pretty comfy!), inspected  and asked the lady what'd it have on it. When she said "five" I had to catch my eye balls as they popped out of my head. Nonchalantly I said I'd take it. No biggie.

Overall, I'd say it was a great finds kind-of day. E bought several things as well but I don't know what happened to them nor do I really know what they were - tool stuff, I think.

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13 February 2014

Thrifty Thursday

A random trip to the thrift store, just because I was feeling a lack of "new" old stuff turned up some great, fun finds. This thrift store can be hit or miss so I was extra pumped about some of these beauties! 
E thought this was fabulous and a great steal. After buying new batteries for it, we know why it was in the thrift store. It doesn't work. :(

A HUGE binder for my new couponing endeavor. Great condition for 50 cents. 

A Currier & Ives tin tray. There are four of these in a series. I will put this in the booth and maybe someone who loves winter will find it!

Well, my dust pan that stays in the garage broke. Hip hip hooray for a new one that's only fifty cents!

E picked this out. I think he will use it for working on his car. I'm not sure how much it was (less than a dollar, I'm sure) but he seemed pretty glad to find it.

Gift for a friend. If you see this and remember a text from the other night about something I picked up for you.... Here it is! :-)

GHSware Made in USA

I love these cups! Great condition. 

What a fun lime green! This is a dessert plate and lugged soup bowl, Melmac Color Flyte.

Melmac Color Flyte by Branchell {lime green}

I am SO excited about these! And they are in fabulous condition. The gold rim has flaked in just a few places but not enough to be a big impact.

Jewel Collection, Hi-Snack plates. Hello gorgeous! (I am upset that there were only three; I wasn't aware until I started researching that there was a coral color with the set. These three were taped together so I assume the coral never made it to the store. That's what I am going to tell myself.)

I gotta know - where these really used?! How awesome were parties when you could put your cup IN your plate so you only had to use one hand to eat and drink. I really don't think I can sell these, especially when I found them for a dollar. Happy, happy day!

So, I think I got a picture of everything. It was all ten dollars. And what's a monetary value really mean when you find such cool dinner pieces! I have always been a fan of the 50's and as I get out in the cast-off world I am drawn to that style even more.

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