30 January 2014

Pickin' things.

Found on the Heflin - GA yard sale for ten buckaroos. 
It is certainly not in perfect condition, which makes me love it so much more. It is worn! Fits perfectly between my two chairs. I was on a mission to find a table and frankly when they are $90+ in stores, you think $10 is a steal.

If a print is signed and numbered there is a good chance it is going home with me. I found this in a thrift store for less than a quarter. I don't mind stating the price because I am keeping it!

Stephen Hudson 1980 - Anyone know anything about him? I haven't found a true bio of him, but some of his prints have a pretty price tag on them.

Ole Sparky Plantin' a Peckerwood stump

Is it not amazing?! What a beautiful watercolor. 

Found at a thrift store for a dollar or so. Have I mentioned I love acrylic?!

Found at a thrift store or maybe an estate sale. I have 2 acrylic napkin holders so I can't remember which is from where. But this matches the paper towel holder exactly! I sent them both with E to his house. They will look cool down there. 

Here is another shot of it. I really am not sure if these are vintage. Both are in great shape.

I love all of these finds so I am pickin' & grinnin'!!!!!

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