18 January 2014

Thifting, thrifting. Keep on thrifting!

Love new finds! What a rush. ;-)

Perfect condition "The Sewing Basket". I usually don't go for toys, even if they are vintage. But I just couldn't leave this one in the store!

I was only looking at the pictures for the frames. Anddddd, I came home with the one without a frame!

Louis Lozowick '22   

Turns out he is a big deal. His stuff is mostly black and white because they are lithographs. Not sure how this one got to be in color, but it's pretty neat. 

A perfect condition Tupperware jello mold bowl. Perfect. Condition. 

Perfect. Condition.

Honor Award. 75 Pins Over Average. How fun! Also, perfect condition. 

Vintage Honeycomb Turkey Table Decoration 12 inch Purple Tail Feathers


Looks wonderful! I would say this is perfect condition, but there are a couple of small bends. All in all, it is a very, very good condition turkey!

I love acrylic trays. So addicted to them. This one isn't necessarily special, but I thought the blue and gold colors were great. 

Anyone recognize the BOHA label?

There's a small burn. I just may have to keep this for myself! ;)

Crocheted purse. Handmade. 

A nice lady named Ginger either made this or carried it. 
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