30 January 2014


Sometime over the summer E and I went to the Pell City thrift store. I bought several goodies and stumbled across a beautiful shelf! I call it a shelf even though I know it once had sliding glass - the glass in mine did not survive 50+ years. It was in great shape - okay, as great of shape that you can expect from a thrift store. There was a bubbled up area, but it was on the shelf - I wanted this for books so I did not care! At SEVEN DOLLARS, yes seven glorious dollars, it came home with me. I failed to consider that we were in E's car, which does not have as big of a backseat as my car does. Oh well. We made it fit! 

Because the shelf was not wood, I primed it with 2 different spray paint primers. I couldn't tell a difference. Amateur.

I picked 2 paint chips that I liked of blues that were in a painting that will be prominently in my room. This first one I thought was the winner. Not so much. I finally decided it was wayyyy too bright.

So I painted over it with this nice turquoise color. I bought these plates at a thrift store - super ridiculously cheap and was going to resell them. While tagging them I noticed a chip on one plate. I realized that I loved the print and it could go with my bedroom colors. You know how you are just roaming around your house and trying new ideas? The plates in this basket is a perfect example. Oh I love it! :-)

The after! I was super paranoid of running out of paint, so I used leftover light yellow for the inside. Used a brassy-gold for the feet and that is my favorite part!
This one is in our booth actually. Andddd, it looks a better than mine did. Same "model" though so pretend it is a before...

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