12 January 2014

Bridal Shows - 1

E and I were engaged in October and I bought a couple of magazines that month or early November. There was a coupon for a free entry into a Bridal Show the upcoming weekend and for whatever reason I could not make it. But, I looked to see when the next shows were.... January for one in Birmingham and one in Anniston. Allllright! I could make those. Luckily, my mom, maid of honor, and a bridesmaid who lives in Birmingham were able to go with me to the Southern Bridal Show.

We left early because I knew it was from 12-5. We picked A up at her apartment and made it to BJCC not too much after 12. We all stayed together but A & H helped me enter drawings so we would end up hitting different booths. I made labels with all of our pertinent information so it was easy to share that task! I tried to talk to the vendors I was actually interested in, and they did the rest. Once we saw all the wedding cake samples, we were all pretty excited to be there! ;) Anyway, this event was total chaos (to me anyway). It was packed out. We had bags FULL of information. Finally, about 2:30 we realized we had been to every booth and I was pooped! We hadn't had lunch, so I was ready to go find some grub. While looking for a Jim-N-Nick's, we somehow ended up by the Vulcan and made a pitstop there. We went to the Jim-N-Nick's and there was an ambulance outside! We sat there for a minute and a fire truck was coming in so we decided to move on to a different Jim-N-Nick's. It was delish. ;-) Fun day!!

EDIT - ADD INFO - I had to come back and add this story... I was very cautious to pack a bag of just what I thought I needed. None of us had ever been to a show before so we weren't sure what to expect. When in the parking lot, the girls where deciding what to take in and starting naming off what all they had in their purses. The both had many of the same items, 2 or more in some cases and finally we decided that they could leave some things behind but take the essentials. It was rather hilarious, and I'm sure a ya-had-to-be-there moment, but we will remember it. ;)

The ultimate blogger struggle... Not getting your pictures to line up. Ahhhh! So, these are quite the adventure but all from the same day.

A finds her apartment on the map while we were visiting Vulcan.

Fun at the photo booth! (Check out A's hat. Yes, it is backwards.)

And more! Mom turned A's hat around for her. ;)
The view from Vulcan. Neither H nor A had been to Vulcan so when we were literally at the foot of it, we swung in for a culture lesson!


Fun girls 

Being silly!

I got a retweet from the Southern Bridal Show! 

Here we are on our chariot!

Mom and me

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