29 April 2012

EWomen - Saturday 1

Whew, if we thought Friday was jam-packed.. We had no idea what awaited us for Saturday! It was a blast. All of it. :-)

The whole gang and some of us in our seats...... (Yes, we were early. And we got pretty good seats!)

Starting us off...
Lysa TerKeurst
She is one of my favorites. (Okay, they all are!) She has *some* (not just one) amazing testimonies. Lysa  qualifies as my favorite because she in her time sharing with us she gives lists and verses, like we are at a bible study. This morning our theme was "Exposed" and we studied from Joshua 6:1-5 and then Joshua 5:13-15 to discuss the Wall of Impossibility. Joshua is exposed here because God has already told him what is going on. So the results of this are 3 Critical Choices: 1) Breakdown or Breakthrough <How do we react in situations - any situation> 2) Injest or Digest <Happy for a day versus life-changing> 3) Believe or Not. <Is the wall really Impossible?! God is I AM ---> I'M POSSIBLE>

Worship with Michael O'Brien. He is always a wonderful leader and he has a couple of sweet love songs. Check him out at http://www.michaelo.org/. He shared his story about coming off the road with NewSong to be able to spend more time with his family. His lesson learned: "Know the difference between your calling and your gift. Never let your gift take precedence over your calling."

Next Up...
Angela Thomas

Angela is the comical, over-the-top gal. All of her stories can classify as gut-busting. Like so many of the Scriptures, she compared our life to a race. In Ephesians 4:1 she points out that we have *only* one life so we must live worthy. (What a contrast to so often hearing that we aren't worthy!) We studied  Hebrews 12:1-2 and looked at Paul's trials in 2 Corinthians 11. Through Angela, God was able to remind us that dealing with sin is work but we've got a life to live! We can't get "in" (bogged down) with other's sin and therefore we must pace ourselves by who we run with. (Apparently that is some runner analogy. I wouldn't get it, haha.)

The ladies of EWomen strongly support Compassion International. This year a rep was on stage (instead of "just" a video) and he'd brought an amazing woman from Africa who told her life path and sang a beautiful song.

We got to hear from Kim and Krickitt Carpenter- the real-life couple of "The Vow." Since I am always way behind on movie-references, I really didn't know who they were, but what an amazing story! Krickitt has obviously been through so much, so who's going to ignore her words? She asked "Who says everyone's rainbow has the same colors?" and reminded us to always have an eternal perspective.

And then for the lady I was most excited to see ... Candace Cameron Bure! 

Candace's story was especially down to earth (once we zoomed right through Hollywood life). It was just everything that we all needed to hear, all rolled up in one lady in heels. 

The picture that sums up the weekend: 

-get loh

28 April 2012

EWomen! (Friday)

I was so blessed to attend the Extraordinary Women Conference this weekend. We experienced the typical conference emotions and we laughed, cried, and even danced. ;-) 

President Julie Clinton was with us for Friday evening but had to fly home Saturday for her son's prom. 

 The first performer was Joe White and he did a drama. He brought his "adopted" daughter Heather Headley (picture above). She has a wonderful voice; she has been on Broadway several times. During Joe's drama, he played a video of Dick & Rick Hoyt. Click on their name or here to see a similar video. His use of the story was to illustrate that God will "do" the same for us as the father in the video does for his son. I can't find the exact video he used, but what an awesome story!

The theme of this year's conference: Passionate FAITH !

The big act of Friday evening was Mercy Me, but first we saw Moriah Peters - a fabulous 19-year-old performer.. (She was so cute!)


Getting to meet "D.J. Tanner!"

Love my girlfriends!

26 April 2012

Motor City - Motown - City of Champions - The D - D-Town - Hockeytown - The 313

There's not much commentary needed here. I took these pictures on my recent trip to the Detroit area. It was neat to see the influence of Ford, GM, Chrysler in the city. (Granted, my view of the city was mostly from the car while on the interstates.) I was amazed at how many instances of run-down homes I saw. If I recall correctly, that's also known as the Detroit ruins.  Every bridge we went under, had at least one person walking on it. The building in the fourth and fifth pictures looks like it is being revitalized (why else would there be cars in the parking lot!?). 

-get loh

22 April 2012


We all want to label everything as good or bad.. Including ourselves and our actions. And right now, I so want to label myself as a bad Compassion supporter. Because I think today is/was Compassion Sunday. Well, in an effort to redeem myself, heres a snapshot of my relationship with Compassion.. I went to a women's conference (I think it was the EWomen Conference) a couple years ago. They played an extremely well-edited video of Compassion sponsored children and supported communities. I couldn't say no, so I signed up that day to sponsor a child. Damian was 8 at the time. There is absolutely no way to explain the rush you get when you open the mailbox to find an envelope that says:

Damian and I write often so we are able to keep up with big events in each other's lives. We pray for each other and wish each other Happy Birthday. Have I mentioned this child is in Boliva?! How/why did I become involved with a child from South America?  He experiences winter when it's warm here. And yet, when I am writing to Damian and reading his letters (he's 10 now and a great writer!) I feel very connected to him and his world. 

In the event that I have accomplished what I posted for, I will sign off. If you feel led to sponsor a child, please let me know if you have any questions. 

Matthew 25:40 - “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’"

-get loh

21 April 2012

Paintin' Partyyyyyy

Woah. Picture time!
 Hard at work.

 Look at those eyes! ;-)

Oh, hi.

 "You gotta wait 'til I'm finished!" "Yeah, whatever.. Are you gonna smile or not?!"

Model E
 Show - Off !

Can you spot A?!

 And... there are no words..


-get loh