01 April 2012

Palm Sunday

Today we celebrated Palm Sunday at my church. The lady who does Children's Church had palm leaves for the kiddos to hand out to all of us non-kids. Alas, there were no children there, but she still handed them out to us and we waved them while she read:

“Hosanna in the Highest!  Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord!”
John 12:13

Our sermon came from Matthew 26:36-56. Jesus illustrates that it is never what we want to happen that happens, we must rely on God and his will (and his time). 

On the homefront, I have been decorated for Easter since St. Patrick's Day. It's such an easy holiday to be joyous about and celebrate. All the pretty colors really remind us that we celebrate Jesus' resurrection at a time when nature is reviving itself. It's a beautiful time! 

Here's my Easter display:

I love my candle.. It's a Wood Wick (Yankee Candle?) and it really sounds like wood burning. It is very soothing. I got this one as a Valentine's Day gift and sure do hope I see one in my Easter basket. (hint, hint!) My Egg tree is super cute and would-you-believe-it it came from Dollar Tree. (There's a good chance the porcelain egg in the middle did too -- I don't remember!)

It's Sunday night .. time for a deep breath before the week begins!!

-get loh

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