11 February 2014

Couponing {the initial class & a couple trips}

A friend wanted to have a coupon class; one of her friends does classes and I offered my house as the location. We tried to have 10 attendees but I think just seven of us made it. We were told by the teacher to get Sunday papers (in even numbers, if possible) so I bought a few and was so excited for the class! We had a really fun class Friday night. I think we sat in awe of her hauls most of the time, but we had notes and the fabulous teacher even left us with a few coupons and specific instructions on how to use them! So of course I had to go out the next day and try it out.

My first  trip was to Walgreen's. I bought 2 Speed Stick deodorants. They were on sale in the store "BOGO" (buy one get one free) and I had a coupon for "BOGO" so that made my total FREE! I did have to pay 52 cents (tax, I guess). The next stop was CVS. From my Sunday papers, I saw that they had a Colgate toothpaste on sale for $3.00 and offered a store coupon for $2.25. In my paper, I had a coupon for 75 cents off. So that made this second transaction also FREE! Here I paid 8 cents (tax again?). Whoop, whoop!

So Sunday rolls around again and I buy 2 papers again and cut out all of my coupons and look for matchups. Our teacher had left us with coupons for more deodorant and these coupons combined with the stores sale would leave us with $4 RR. I knew I had to hit up Walgreen's for this, so I looked in that paper first for what I needed and what I could get. My initial list was: Mitchum deodorant (2/$6 & $2 off/ea coupons + $4 RR), Scope Mouthwash (Sale $3.49 w/ $2 RR + $1 off coupon), Aquaphor/Eucerin (BOG1/2 + 2000 bonus points), Wet N Wild nail or lip 2/$3 sale ($1 off each coupons), Nutella (store sale $3.49 + BOGO coupon), Wood lights candles (BOGO). The candles probably aren't on a true couponer's list, but I used all my candles and we are potentially facing power outages. I needed them! :) Okay, so I know I could have (should have?) done multiple transactions so I could have used RR but there was a promotion of 'spend $25, get 5000 bonus points', which in Walgreen's world is equal to $5. So, I figured I should just do it all then I can use RR next visit. 

How did it go down? Mitchum, no problem. OOP $2, RR $4 / Wet N Wild, hmmm, a bust? Looking on my receipt, I didn't pick the right ones because they appear to be regular prices of .99 & 1.99 so it's still $3. I did get to use the 2 $1 off coupons though. OOP $0.50 each / Scope, another bust but happy ending? I picked up 2 of the only Scope I saw and was charged  2/$7 and used $1 off coupon on both. I expected to get $2 RR on both but realized I got nothing. Going back to the store, they said it wasn't the right Scope, and gave me a rain check with the RR figured in. That may be beginner's luck (bad and good!). OOP $2.50 each  / Nutella, okay, I think. There was only one left and that wouldn't work for my coupon so I got a raincheck for 2 at the $3.49 price. / Wood lights, no problem, OOP $4.95 each / Aquaphor/Eucerin, okay, $4.49 & $1.24 each / extra purchase, cookies for E $2.79 OOP (they were on sale, whoohoo!). 

I didn't realize I had to "use" the coupon to get the 5000 bonus points. So I called corporate and the chick said I had to go back to the store. Pshht. Well, I did. It took 20 minutes but I finally got them. So I have $4 RR, 2 Scope rain checks for $1.49 each, Nutella rain check, and those 5000 points. Not a famous haul, but not too bad. 

Whew, on to the next stop - CVS! I was going to do 3 transactions here and was super nervous. As it turned out, they were out of 2 of the items I wanted (toothpastes) so I got rain checks, and did one transaction for mouthwash which gave me $3 Extra Bucks. The lady I have dealt with both times at CVS is just super nice and must be used to couponers. Super nice! 

On to Winn-Dixie. Again, we are expecting a store so I "had" to purchase a few non-coupon items (just milk, really). My list was: Cat's Pride litter (store BOGO + $1 coupon), Angel Soft 9 or 12 packs (store sale $3.99 + .45 coupon that would double), Eggo bites (store sale $1.99), Campbell's soup (coupons 50 cents off 2, this doubled), milk, Nature Valley bars (50 cents off 2, this would double), Tetley tea bags (store BOGO + coupon 75 cents off), Motts Fruit snacks (50 cents off 2, this would double). Cat's Pride, had to get rain check / Angel Soft, ditto / Eggo bites, score, 2!, OOP $1.99ea / Campbell's soup, got 4, $2.19 OOP / Nature Valley, not on store sale, decided to wait / Tetley, non in stock, rain check, Motts Fruit snacks, 2 boxes, $2.79ea / extra purchases of apples (not on sale - I just looked at receipt, OOP $9.22 - Whoa!), chips (on sale OOP $4), Pringles (on sale, OOP $1.48), Oreos (let's be real, this IS a snow necessity! on sale, OOP $2.98), and milk (never on sale, OOP $3.29). So. No coupons back, but I have these 3 rain checks. Yay!

Additional shopping.... Decided to run to Dollar General. Got a $5/$25 coupon on receipt. Sweet.

It is exhausting and I'm not sure I did so hot on my second round, but, such is life. I'll get there.

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