06 July 2013

Welcome {Painting Chevron}

A few friends came over for a paintin' party. We usually try to get together and paint a couple times a year so we can have rotating art in our homes or make gifts. We planned it for a week so I had time to consider my painting. I couldn't think of anything new I wanted on the walls for decor, but I had been searching for a door wreath. Why not make a painted canvas for door decor?! I love chevron but hadn't yet jumped on the chevron decor trend train. I thought this would be the perfect time to put chevron in my life! 

So, at first I thought I could free-hand paint the lines. Thankfully, I convinced myself otherwise and found this tutorial. It was going to require way more work than I expected. However, I knew I would have to do it close to the instructions so it would look right! ;-)

I didn't know what specific colors I wanted to use, but the colors I picked matched wonderfully with a favorite ribbon! And, bonus............ I had everything on hand. Woot. Woot.

Taped off. It helps to have a guide for this!

I used a razor to cut out the design. I was very nervous that the cuts would puncture the canvas or be visible, but neither was the case!

Peeling away the tape.... It came off easily much to my delight! There were some bleeds (some of which might have been because of my cutting abilities and some just because I used painter's tape). I am nearly convinced I need frog tape.... That's the commercials where they advertise no bleeds. Isn't that the right brand?

It's not perfect, but it's chevron! 

The finished design on the door.
 < Welcome >

Here's a more realistic shot of the colors.

-get loh

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