13 July 2013

The 7 hour roadtrip

My parents, Aunt & Uncle, and E & I went to Adairsville, GA to get "Character's Famous BBQ." They are only open 2 hours for lunch and 2 hours for supper (maybe) so we left Anniston about 2 so we could make the 2 hour trip and be there by 5:00 GA time. Character is a family name and a somewhat rare one so when my parents found this (how? who knows....) they were insistent that we try it! So - we were all hyped up and hungry (not a good combination!) and then, whatyaknow - they were CLOSED when we got there! :-( Super sad face. We think they close when they run out of food. After taking a bunch of pictures to document that we were there, we had to find a second option. 

Small place!  Check out this review to imagine you were there. It's what I do. 

Does your BBQ have Character?

We ate at an Inn in Adairsville. 

We didn't want to take the exact route back home, but in our excitement, we ended up going wayyyy outta the way, oh, about 4 times. We were able to get a shake from the Tasty Dip in Heflin before they closed for the night!

Yes.... It was adventure! ;-)

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  1. It's too bad that you didn't get any of Character's BBQ. We rarely get any of the bbq since we go through town so late on Friday but occasionally we manage. It's worth it!


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