08 July 2013

Curtain Rod

The hunt is always turning up something I didn't expect. Case in point, 2 wooden curtain rods at an estate sale. They were originally $3 a piece but since I found them on the final day, I got them for $1.50 a piece. Helllloooo. :) Wooden isn't my current style. However, wood that is paint-able is my style.

The steps: 
Clean rods of any dirt and grime.
Give it a quick sanding.

Gotta love a quick process. Unfortunately, the 2 rods didn't come with the brackets so I had to buy a pair at Lowe's. (like this one....) That set me back about $9 bucks but since my full cost thus far was $1.50, I didn't feel too bad about the purchase.


close up


(I even impressed myself.)

Shout out to the b/f here. I told him I wanted them up.... and here they are. :) 

Now, the curtains are a yard sale buy from a few months ago. I loved the print and thought I would use it in my room but before I got them home realized I'd like them better in the guest room. The lady who was selling them made it sound like she was selling something her mother had made and my $5 buy was a steal. Guess she thought I wouldn't notice the tags on the curtains?? Annnnddddd, these are carried by Lowe's. See? :)

Anyway, don't look too hard - or you will see what I just saw when we put these up. The right panel has been cut and is significantly shorter than the uncut left. *sigh* It's always a work in progress!

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