02 July 2013

Travelin' Table & Chairs

Sit back. Relax. This post will take you all over the place. 

So, I bought my house in November. It has a bar/island in the kitchen. Love it. There were 2 stools that stayed with the house. Odd, but I'll take it. They were wrought iron and had a rather ugly grape pattern on a faux stone in the middle of the back of the chair. I didn't like it. Chalkboard paint is a wonderful remedy. You can still see the outline but to me, it looks mucho better. Well, about 6 months after I moved into my house, my neighbor called. She asked if I still had the bar stools that were here when I moved in. Well, yes, I did. Then she said they were hers. <Gulp. Panic. Did she want them back?! They have been painted!> Then she went on to say she had a matching table. And did I want it. Ohhhhhh. I like the sound of this scenario much better than the one that I just played out in my head. And! She had an extra 3 barstools that she would throw in with the purchase of the table (at $40 - which she just wanted for the glass top because she bought it special for the table). Sch-weet. Now I have a table with 2 chairs that I will put out on my back patio/imaginary screened-in porch and 3 barstools. Of course, she had not painted the table top and it had that horrendous grape print on it too so I had to cover it in chalkboard paint. Check it out!


Painted top!

Hanging out in the dining room. 

Grape lines. but barely noticeable. 
I have wonderful neighbors! 

-get loh

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