28 July 2013


E and I went to an Estate Sale one Sunday afternoon. I was familiar with the company doing the sale and also with the area it was being held so I was uncertain that we could find anything at a value. However, we were already out that afternoon and swung by. So glad we did! 

We went in the garage area first and I found a fabulous vintage clock that I knew would look great in my guest bathroom. It had a missing leaf but thankfully that leaf was in the same box as the clock! There was no price tag but I picked it (& the leaf) up and walked around with it. The guys managing the garage came over to me with a grocery bag, and said, "Everything that fits in the bag is $3." Whhhhhhhat? Well, since ya mentioned that (!) I did notice a few other items I was interested in! ;-)

Everything on the table in the below picture was from my $3 bag. Score! Since the clock was what I wanted, I consider everything else bought at "no cost." Highlights include....... a book for E, four books for my bedroom decor, a book for my parents (something like "deals you can't get unless you are over 50"), a clothes steamer (works wonderfully!), several vintage ashtrays, vintage clip-on earrings, place mats  a vintage stapler (those things run like $20 on Etsy!), a vintage RC Cola bottle opener, and a few Chinese bowls. Okay, maybe that was everything, not just highlights.

Here is the clock with missing leaf. Can you see how nasty this thing is? I honestly didn't think it was "that bad" when I bought it. I cleaned this clock over the course of two weeks. Thank goodness for Lysol wipes!

I could totally see the potential the whole time. (...... yeah, totally.......) 

Check out the finished product!

Ready for guests!

-get loh

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