25 March 2012

About Me!

I serve a mighty and awesome God! I love to pinch pennies, ponder life, and piddle. My high's come from thrift store outfits, creative jewelry storage, travel, photo books, and some days - my love, family, and friends.

Pinching pennies certainly is an art form these days. My life pondering usually comes about the time I read an extraordinary book or profound article or maybe a glorious day sets my priorities straight. In the event, piddlin' isn't prevalent in your life.. check out this article by Rick Bragg: http://www.southernliving.com/community/rick-bragg-southern-journals-00417000077105/

I love scouring thrift stores for "nice" clothes or even nice "things" (artwork, dishes, random items for craft-time). With that said, I do believe in the power of a great dry-cleaner! I have a weakness for jewelry, so I am always, always, always trying to find new ways to store it (preferably where the eye can see it.. Out of sight, out of mind!). Traveling is a great passion of mine that leads to another passion - making photo books. I could arrange photos/text/graphics all.day.long.

Please feel free to bookmark my blog.. I believe you will find new, interesting, helpful information/ideas when you check in!! Let me know who you are and your thoughts.

-get loh

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