26 March 2012

Fishin' for Fashion

I am constantly looking for a way to store bracelets. Once upon a time, I could live without bracelets.. Now, I have a slight obsession. They are hard to store and have in sight. I like to see my jewelry since I believe you can't wear what you don't remember you have! ;-) "out of sight, out of mind....."

Here's my newest idea for bracelet storage.

Keep 'em in a special place .. as you do your lures!!

"The Tackle Box Tak" 

 I grabbed an inexpensive box (about $5). I made sure it had large enough rows for bangles.

And all ya gotta do is throw in that ever growing collection of bracelets!

(I am especially proud of this since my previous attempt at bracelet storage epically failed .. I tried to stack them on a water bottle. Ha! Lesson learned: It's okay to have failures.)

-get loh

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