16 November 2013

Update of Corner Chair

Remember my exciting find a few weeks months ago!? My beautiful corner chair! :-) 

Well, thanks to fall & wintry weather (read: less than 80 degrees) I was inspired to work in the garage and this was my first project (yes - there are many projects awaiting me). I wiped it down with a soft cloth when I bought it so it didn't have any more cobwebs, but it desperately needed cleaning. Mom suggested Murphy's Oil and great news, she had some in her basement! She said just put some on a cloth and wipe it down but the instructions said to dilute it so I kinda did both. I had a regular old towel as my cleaning rag and this was so dirty the whole rag soon became covered in grime.... But the chair was so much cleaner!

Before cleaning.

Again, before cleaning.

The leather has to be original as do the nail heads and I wanted to keep both.

I know this is hard to see - maybe I need an update of the update! Anyway, I wiped the chair down multiple times with Murphy's Oil and cleaned the leather. This chair isn't ready for anyone to sit on it - but it looks so nice in my dining room! 


  1. WOW!!! Great job on the chair! (So many people I know would have painted and recovered it!!!) If you need to do something else to it, try a little Howard's furniture treatment "stuff " that is found mostly in antique malls (as far as I know). It does a good job as far as adding a little color and shine back if needed. It also helps clean and protect. Saddle soap and some other things for conditioning leather (Phil isn't here for me to ask "what") will help get the leather back to a softer feel --- if you need to (it's hard to tell from the pics. whether you may want to do anything else --- just tossing the ideas out in case you decide it needs any tweaking!) :) So glad you rescued such a lovely item!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks Towana! I will try Howard's. I don't have any but I will look for it.


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