15 December 2013

Christmas in Dixie

<It's snowing in the pines> Now that we have all channeled Randy Owens and team.... <In Jackson, Mississippi to Charlotte, Caroline. And all across the Nation, it's a peaceful Christmas time> But for real! Here's Christmas... at my house!

White & gold tree - this is my favorite tree!

It's a small tree but it gets the job done. ;)

My reindeer, er, my cat, doesn't know what to do with his new-found antlers...

He is NOT amused!

Gorgeous sunset!


Display of Christmas bulbs I made

Front entry - the wires kinda drove me crazy but I had an impressive amount of drama with the lit garland so I finally quit worrying about it.

No flash of front entry

Dining room


Fun ornament wreath in hallway

Noel in hallway

Another angle of white & gold tree


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