01 June 2012

Dreamin' of Disney

We are going to DISNEYLAND!! :-D For a gal who hasn't been to a Disney park (everrrrr), this is quite exciting. I have no idea what to expect. I hear rumors of three days in the park(s?) and breakfast with Goofy. (And just what does Mickey have going on? I can't imagine where the lil mouse will be....)

In anticipation of the excursion, my house is reflecting a few shades of Disney-influence........

Here's Mickey. My gift from E for Easter (remember!?). If you look on the back, you can see a slot for change. When you put in coins (quarters, preferably) Mickey says,"OH BOY!" or "HOT DOG!" It's basically a form of (somewhat) cheap entertainment.

 Fairies at Work
How cute, right?! I stumbled across this at Dollar General, of all places. 

-get loh

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