30 March 2014

That Rock Won't Roll

Me & B.... 4th Row Big Timing!

We got to the show at 6 (thanks to a quick but really good meal at O'Charley's) because the doors were supposed to open at six. Um yeah. We didn't get in until 6:15 or 6:20. There was no one to guide us to our seats, or to ensure that cheap seat buyers didn't make their way to the "VIP" seats (ya know, where we were!). Then the show was supposed to start at seven. Any guesses when it actually started? About 20 minutes after?! Correct. Gracious! By this time, B and I had already made friends with the couple behind us (the husband thought it was comical we were there to see Restless Heart, he said, "They are older than me!") and caught up on a lot of important news. ;) 

Trae Edwards & band

Trae is on the right. 

And FINALLY! The fellas of Restless Heart. Man did they put on a show! I guess after you've reached the 30th anniversary of performing together, you learn how to interact with each other exceptionally well. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we danced (in our seats), and we just enjoyed the whole show. 

Restless Heart!

He informed us this was his favorite part of his job. Well, duh.

We had our own photographer come with us. Oh wait, no, that's a lie. We just snagged their legit biggest fan and she became our photographer. We are pretty important people, hanging out with pretty important people. 

Does it GET any better than white jeans?! :))))

We lost our photographer, so we did the classic move of fitting everyone in the frame. And for the record, we were doing selfies years before selfies were cool - so it doesn't take us eight tries to get it right. Of course, he had to ask, "Did you get it?!" and was only satisfied to send us on our way when he saw the picture. 

Okay, this one did require a second take. But only because those two saw the first one and vetoed it. We got his autograph and then someone snuck in to get a picture with him. Of course we didn't leave the scene (girls on a mission here!) so I had to ask, "Can we selfie with you?!" and he was all over that.  

<3 my girl!

good times.


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