15 March 2014


A really good haul......
There are 4 main estate sale teams in town and one of them sticks everything they deem as 'not possible to sell for $500+' in the garages. Y'all. The garage is my favorite place to shop! They always hand you a bag and whatever you can stuff in it, you get for $3 usually, but this trip it was $2. YoYO! The above picture is everything stuffed in it, including paint thinner, citronella for tiki torches, bug spray, and then my "finds"....

Card decks, hair scissors, letter holder, and embroidery hoop. I took a chance on these card decks because they were just thrown on a shelf and cards were laying beside the boxes. Luckily all of the cards were there!

On a good Sunday, there are multiple estate sales. This haul was a bit more than $2, but still good junk!
At the same sale, E found this organizer thing - of which the day before he told me he needed. Sch-weet! $7.50 seemed pricey but then I saw smaller ones at Lowe's for $20+ so I felt better. ;)

Also ANNOUNCING..............................

The GypsyAnnesJunk Etsy shop! Ahhh!!! :-)) Visit today and follow along to see what good finds belong in a new home.

I have already sold one of the deck of cards I mentioned above. Whoop whoop! I can't even formulate quality sentences because I am SO excited.

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