20 March 2014

Gypsy Anne's Junk - The Booth

Welcome to the Gypsy Anne's Junk booth! :-) 

I blame credit my mother with this excursion. She thought she had enough "junk" to have a booth, and really, if you saw her basement you would have to agree. So she did research (aka talked to a friend who had a booth) and decided to ask about a space at the same place this friend had a booth. It faces the interstate and is within driving distance for the local community. I agreed to help stock it (ya know, like she had to pull teeth for this to happen!) and we went in late November to inquire about a booth. They were full but knew several renters that were considering leaving, moving space, or definitely leaving. The sweet lady gave us the run down and we signed up then for the waiting list. I think we were first on the list, actually. Sometime in early December we got the call that a booth was open and it was ours if we wanted it. Mom said yes but we didn't move in for a few days. They said we could make the booth "ours" by painting it and bringing in carpet or floor covering. E had left over carpet that he offered us and Mom and Daddy painted the wall a pretty sky blue. Whoohoo! Making progress:)

Here is the first shot from where we just went it to look at what we were working with. 
Other side of the booth. It's a 10x10. 

And, tada! First shake at it. Mom and Daddy painted early one day and by that late afternoon, here is how it looked. 

Close up of goodies.

This was mid-December by this time and we put out a few Christmas ideas in hope that they would sell, but no such luck.

Pretty quilts for sale and my cotton basket! I am on a mission for this thing to sell. It is so fresh off the farm, it still has cotton in it. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks. My uncle had this gorgeous typewriter that he wanted to sell so Mom let him in on the action too! He provided the stand for it to sit on, and it made a good place to house the pink clothes hamper and it's side leaf is holding vintage books. 

By this time, we have also added plate racks, a shelf in the middle, and ....

.....a large shelf that was here for about a month and is now removed. Oh the perils of borrowing stuff!

This shelf still holds glassware and that's my Vietnam era ammo box standing up. I would love for it to sell. I hunted for some like that for months and found a gazillion at an auction. I bought 3 long ones (like the above) and 3 short ones (about half that size). I don't use the long ones so I am on a mission for it to go; then I will work on the remaining 2!

If you zoom in, you can see the first sign I made for the booth; it is beside the blue vase.

I can't say we are getting rich off of this but we are (usually) having fun!
More updates to come, check back soon. :)


  1. Very beautiful, so envious of your large space!!

    1. Thank you! The space was intimidating at first but we are bursting at the seams and are always looking for new storage ideas so we can put out more goodies.


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