08 July 2012

Watermelon Ice Cubes

You can't make this stuff up, ya'll.

After church, my daddy tells me to go to the freezer, see what's in there and use it in water. Hm. So, what do I find but watermelon chunks on a cookie sheet!? <As a note, he had surgery a few weeks ago and has been on serious house rest.. the rest of the story could have been weird if you didn't know that.> Apparently he saw on Rachael Ray one day that you could chop up watermelon and use as ice to flavor water. And, he followed her directions and made his own watermelon ice. 

When I was fixin' drinks for lunch, I used the 'Melon Cubes to cool my water. I knew he wanted his customary unsweet tea so I told him I was putting the 'Melon Cubes in it. After no argument, I really did it.

My water was pretty good. I swiped a swig of his tea and it was pretty good too. We ate the watermelon after we downed our drinks... and man, was it cooooold!

-get loh

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