22 June 2014

Botanical Gardens & Bonsai Exhibit

One Sunday afternoon we ventured over to Birmingham and found a Bonsai exhibit happening at the Botanical Gardens. It was fun to walk through the gardens and then tour the Bonsai exhibit. Who knew that these plants could be trained and a club kept up with how many years it was in training and how many years old it was. Some of them were even older than Mom & Daddy! ;-)


It had just rained before we got to the gardens so it was a very pleasant walking tour. 

We were given sheets and pencils to vote for our favorite Bonsai. We all had our picture made with our favorites. Isn't it fun to see the different kinds and favorites?!

I loved the stripped wood. Very neat!

After the Bonsai exhibit, we toured the rose garden and the greenhouse.

me & my crew!
What a gorgeous place!

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