02 June 2013


Vintage. Old. Antique. Whatever term you prefer, these frames are Fan-tab-u-lous. (Yes that's a word. Use my dictionary to look it up if you don't believe me!) After a couple of estate sales, one being very uninspiring (read: they thought they were selling to the Kennedy's) it was refreshing to stumble across this sale. These frames were on the screened-in porch and caught my eye before I entered the house. By the time I canvased the whole house, I had to have them! And at $5 each, what a steal.

So my plan was to hang them in my house. Maybe together, maybe in different rooms. I considered hanging them in the dining room or kitchen and "framing" a vintage mold. Eh, that got scratched. They just looked too cool outside. (Frames! Outside? What?!) So after my boyfriend told me like 5 times that I needed to clear coat them, I finally acknowledged that he might be right. I sprayed (okay, he sprayed) them with Mod Podge (close enough to clear coat, right?) and they dried almost instantly.

Let's use them as decor! My entry way was so dismal. The bird house was inviting, but it needed more. After arranging, re-arranging, and re-arranging again, I decided the frames needed something more. You know all those cute front doors with a "welcome" sticker? I didn't want a sticker on my door, but I did want a "welcome" sign. And, guess who had one stuck away in the closet?! .... Yes, me. ;-) I hung that with a couple of nails and wire and viola! I couldn't be more proud of this simple entry design.


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